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LASIK is a refractive surgical procedure that has been performed since the early 1970’s.  It is designed to alter the curvature of the corneal surface of people with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism to improve the manner in which light rays entering the eye are bent (refracted), so the light rays come to a focal point.  As more of the light rays come to a distinct focal point, vision becomes clearer.  This corrects refractive errors and significantly improves vision to decrease or eliminate one’s dependence on glasses or contact lenses.  LASIK is the most popular form of refractive surgery due to it’s accuracy, comfort and speed of visual recovery.

Refractive Errors

  • Normal:  light enters the eye through the cornea and lens and is focused to a single point on the retina in the back of the eye.
  • Myopia (nearsightedness):  light enters the eye through the cornea and lens but is focused in front of the retina.
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness):  light enters the eye through the cornea and lens but is focused behind the retina.
  • Astigmatism:  light enters the eye and is focused at two different points.

Refractive errors usually result from an abnormality in the length of the eye or the shape of the cornea.

The LASIK Procedure

LASIK is performed using topical anesthetic eye drops, and often a mild oral medication for relaxation.  Surgery is performed in the operating room under sterile conditions.

With the patient lying flat, numbing drops are placed on the eye and a lid holder is used to separate the eyelids.  A special instrument called a microkeratome is applied to the cornea to create a thin flap of corneal tissue which remains attached at a remaining hinge at one end.  The flap is gently everted, and after re-centration and application of eye-tracking technology to follow microscopic movements of the eye, the laser treatment is applied to reshape the cornea.  The flap is laid back into position and no sutures are required.  The lid holder is removed, and the other eye is prepped and undergoes the same procedure with the laser treatment application for the second eye’s specifications.

I had LASIK surgery and wanted to share my story with others who are considering this option.  For those who don’t want to read the entire letter of support, I’ll get to the bottom line:  don’t wait a day longer to schedule your surgery with Dr. Peters!

I required glasses for 32 years for severe nearsightedness.  I had tried every variety of contact lenses marketed since the late 1970’s and never found a pair that really worked for me.  I wanted to wear contact lenses for convenience (e.g. glasses fog up in the winter, raindrops on eyeglasses are irritating) and for vanity (e.g. I just plain thought I looked better without the glasses), but contact lenses never really worked.  My eyes would turn red and felt dry or they became irritated and teared up leaving me with runny mascara.  Either way, they definitely didn’t fit my plan for improving my looks.

I looked into a ‘well-known’ LASIK surgery center in Omaha.  Although they seemed nice enough, I just didn’t feel comfortable and confident in this center.  It seemed like they did so much LASIK surgery that I was just going to be a part of their assembly line.  I’m so glad I waited and found someone with whom I could be comfortable.  I drive a lot of doctors crazy because I ask many questions and I expect them to have the answers.  Dr. John Peters always took the time to listen to any questions or concerns I raised.  He respects his patients.  He gently walked me through the surgery (I’m a little squeamish about my eyes) and provided exceptional follow-up exams.

If you talk to people who have had successful LASIK surgery they always talk about the first time they opened their eyes and read the clock across the room—and let me tell you—this was a great experience.  Being glasses-free for the first time in over 30 years is an incredible feeling.  No one can write a letter or even explain to you how extraordinarily different life is after you have had successful LASIK surgery.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get the surgery but it was worth the wait to get the right surgeon.  Vision is an extraordinary gift.  I just want to encourage you to select the right eye surgeon.  I have known others who made a poor choice and they will regret it for the rest of their lives.  I feel so fortunate to have made the right choice and I encourage you to make the right choice too.

The right choice is Dr. John Peters.

Susan W., Ph. D.

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